Are Cinnamon And Miscarriage Linked? — Today Posting

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Besides its delicious taste, cinnamon has several medicinal properties. It has been used since ancient times. The benefits of cinnamon can be remarkable when taken moderately. Whether its benefits include fighting cancer, fighting bacteria, or lowering blood sugar, there is no doubt that this herb is one of the most powerful on the planet.

Can you take cinnamon during pregnancy?

It is not well-established whether cinnamon is safe to take during pregnancy. I think it is, as long as you take it in small doses.

Pregnant women: How much cinnamon do they need to take?

Cinnamon cannot be proved to be a “treatment” based on scientific evidence.

How Cinnamon Can Cause Miscarriage If You’re Pregnant

It is safe to consume cinnamon while pregnant or breastfeeding, according to the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

Increased risk of miscarriage from excessive cinnamon consumption

It has not been conclusively proven that cinnamon causes miscarriages, but let’s take a closer look at it.

Cinnamon can trigger many allergies

Cinnamon may be a good choice for pregnant women who did not consume it before.

Taking blood thinners increases the risk of bleeding

The presence of cinnamon, even in small amounts, can increase your chances of bleeding during surgery while pregnant.

Your medication may be adversely affected by cinnamon

It’s a good idea to consult your doctor before consuming cinnamon while pregnant if you are currently suffering from any health problems or taking medication for them.

Cinnamon can have toxic effects on the human body

The presence of liver complications will make cassia cinnamon poisonous if taken in large quantities.

Is it possible to use too much cinnamon and still be pregnant?

Previously, we mentioned the recommended dosages of cinnamon for pregnant women. If they are exceeded, then side effects are bound to occur.

What Foods Can Be Made With Cinnamon

A pinch of cinnamon to your hot cup of tea will spice it up and add a rich flavor. Cinnamon is safe in small doses and you can use it in many dishes.

Cinnamon Precautions During Pregnancy

We recommend you consume moderate amounts of cinnamon during pregnancy, but precautions must be taken. These include:

  • Cinnamon should NOT be consumed by women who are pregnant if they have never done so.
  • We do not recommend cinnamon oil for pregnant women because of the uncertainty of the safe dosage and the chance of passing toxins onto the child.
  • It is not safe to take cinnamon pills because the capsules usually contain a dose, so they may cause labor.

The Bottom Line

The safety of taking herbs while pregnant has a great deal of concern for pregnant women.



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