Baby’s growth in the first six months

Baby’s growth

Emotional ties to the baby in the first six months

Aim and remember:

  • Our tone and volume of voice should be sweet, slow, loving.
  • Our relationship with our jewel must be based on physical contact.
  • Let’s do the bathroom with him/her.
  • Let us feel his heart in our skin, the touch of his skin.
  • Dad, enjoy this experience.
  • If it is important and special for you to feel these sensations, imagine yourself for him/her.
  • If we feel nervous, he will be nervous; if we love him, he will love us.
  • Caress him, sing to him, whisper to him … yes, from the most sincere love.
  • Every second that you are with him, show him and make him feel.

The responsibility of parents in the growth of the baby

  • Self-confident.
  • Happy
  • With high self-esteem.
  • Social, with values.
  • Succeeding in life.
  • And endless phrases that could fill countless pages of this article.



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