Demyelination: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnose and Treatment

General symptoms of demyelination

According to references already mentioned and the RGS Neurosurgery Unit, demyelination should be deemed in any sufferer who sees a neurological deficiency without any underlying reason. Among the most obvious manifestations of demyelinating disorders we find the following:


Keep in mind that not just various sclerosis generates demyelination since multiple effects can drive to it. As shown by the specialists stated above, some of the triggering events of this pathology abruptly in adults may be the following:

  • Infections
  • Immune and metabolic disorders
  • Ingestion of poisons and certain medications
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

Diagnoses of demyelination

On the evidence of a particular case collected in research published in a professional journal, the potential diagnostic techniques to characterize an episode of demyelination:

By image

Magnetic resonance imaging is the most dependable technique for detecting a demyelinating disease. This kind of approach can show tumors in the brain and spinal cord, a factor that helps the diagnostic suspicion of neuronal destruction due to reduction of myelin.

Cerebrospinal fluid study

Also named lumbar puncture; In this case, a sample of cerebrospinal fluid was eliminated from the spinal canal and examined in a laboratory. Irregularities in the antibodies in this fluid may show demyelinating disease.

Blood test

Mainly, you can perform blood tests to rule out another underlying condition that could be mistaken for various sclerosis. The ubiquity of poisons in the body, certain diseases, or the consumption of some drugs can drive to demyelination. These irregularities, recognized with a blood test.

Evoked potential tests

It is a kind of non-invasive test, based on the position of electrodes, that studies neuronal electrical activity. Through this kind of method, you can confirm that the nervous system is working correctly.

Available treatments for demyelination

Sadly, there is no remedy for demyelinating diseases. The possible treatments are based on reducing the effects of the attacks, lessen the development of the disease, and controlling the symptoms of the sick patient. These are some of the procedures to follow:

Final recommendations

As you have noticed, not all demyelination processes are due to pathologies such as multiple sclerosis, because several events can commence damaging to the myelin layers. The diagnosis of the sufferer will depend, completely, on the underlying causative agent of the process.



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