How to choose the best school for your child?

Tips to choose the best school for your child

Public or private school?

Admission requirements

The school curriculum


Social environment

Religious or secular education?

Specialized schools

What you need to choose the best school for your child

  • Check school rankings: How do students perform at school compared to other schools? Look for as much information as possible.
  • Search internet forums and blogs: Comments from other parents who already have children in school can help you. It’s even better if you know the parents personally, so you can ask questions and get informed opinions.
  • Visit the schools: Ask to come there and maybe meet the principal as well as the teachers. Ask questions about things you want to know and ask to look around. Some schools even allow parents to attend a lesson.
  • Pay attention to rules and guidelines: Many schools organize events to explain and demonstrate how they work and what rules and guidelines apply to students. Participate and bring your notebook with you.
  • Visit the schools with your child: Your child’s opinion counts, so bring it to school. It may feel scary at first, but your child’s impressions and reactions can help you.




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