How to convince your parents to let you have a pet

Muhammad Usman Babar
7 min readSep 13, 2020

How to convince your parents to let you have a pet

Parents often object to having a pet for several reasons — it is a big investment, they don’t want to clean up behind them, and it takes a lot of work to keep them happy and healthy. However, there are also many benefits to having a pet — it can increase the time you spend together, make you more responsible, and make everyone a little happier to come home. Before convincing your parents to let you have a pet, make a plan!

Show that you are responsible

Research the kind of animal you want

Obtain books or research the Internet about this pet. Ask friends who own or have owned a pet like this for advice on how to take care of it. The more you know about what you’re going to have, the more compelling your pitch for later will be.

  • Do your best to know all the details of the animal you are going to request. If you learn something about this animal that you don’t like (for example if it eats live animals, if it lives for 30 years, if it needs a lot of outdoor space, etc. ), feel free to check out similar animals until you find the one that suits you.
  • Knowing this information, you can throw one or two to your parents to get them thinking about it.
  • Be sure to check local laws if you want to own an exotic pet. Some animals might be illegal in some areas, although it is possible to buy them or to know someone who owns one, so it is best not to buy them.

Keep calm and patience

Remember that a domestic animal makes a huge life change. Your parents are going to need some time to think about it, which can take anywhere from a week to months, depending on the type of animal. If you stay calm during this time, you are showing them that you are mature enough and ready to take on this responsibility.

Behave like an adult

Clean up, do your homework, and show respect. If you behave like an adult, your parents might see a positive outcome of your request. Besides coaxing them, it shows them that you are mature and responsible enough to have a pet.

Save money in a “savings fund” for your pet

If your parents allow you, save some money to show them that you are ready to contribute financially to the maintenance of your pet. If they don’t allow you, do odd jobs and household chores. If you’re a teenager, you might try to find a job to care for your pet on your own.

Don’t give up on your responsibilities

Do you have to do the dishes every other day? So do it before you are reminded of it. Did you promise them to keep your little sister? Do it (and with a smile on top of that). Keep your promises to show them that you are responsible and that you can take care of a pet.

Obtain parental consent

Go see your parents when they are together, for example at dinner time

Calmly and diplomatically, tell them about this animal and give them some important details to let them know that you have done your research and taken the time to think about it seriously. When you’re done, there’s a good chance they’ll ask you questions. Answer them honestly, making sure to provide suggestions for any issues they might see. At least ask them to think about it, since it is an important decision.

  • Also give them written information for them to refer to, a website to visit, or even the phone number of someone who could give them information and advice on dealing with this kind of thing. animal. Show them that you have worked on it and that it is important to you.
  • Don’t harass them or whine, respect their need to think about it. It is a decision that will change their lives and they need to think about it. You are unlikely to get an immediate yes.

Prepare a presentation

Emphasize what you are going to do to help them care for the animal and the positive aspects it will bring to the home. For example, did they know that the presence of a pet helps lower blood pressure, which prevents depression and strengthens the immune system [1]? There are benefits to having a pet that they never even imagined.

  • Also talk to them about how you are going to handle the financial aspect, for example, the vet costs and the purchase of the animal. Money is often the number one reason parents fear having a pet.
  • If your family has a particular issue that you need to be aware of, such as if no one will be able to take them for a walk, come up with an arrangement or compromise with that in mind and use it as an argument to sell them. the idea.

Talk to them about the benefits of having a pet in the home

Instead of focusing the discussion on the money and effort involved (even if you have to talk about it anyway), make sure you spend enough time touting them about the benefits of a pet for the whole family. You will spend more time together, you will be able to date him and he will strengthen the family bond.

Prepare a care chart for the animal and keep it up to date

Create a table with different categories, such as daily needs, monthly needs, and financial needs. Include information like estimated food quantity, vaccinations, vet visits, etc. Show it to your parents. You should present them with the simplest table possible.

Make your parents change their mind

Keep researching and sharing the information you find

When you find new and interesting information, be sure to share it with your parents. This will keep the topic open in everyone’s mind without appearing to be upsetting them. If they seem to resist the idea, slow down and don’t talk about it for a few days.

Ask them the reasons for their refusal

If your parents seem reluctant to give you an answer, ask them why. If you’ve thought about it, you might have the answer to making their worries go away.

  • Is it a money problem? Offer to pay as much as you can (including expenses that might come later).
  • Is the reason that there is not enough space at home? Do some tidying up!
  • Do you already have another pet? Find a place that will be reserved for your new pet.

Consider making a compromise

For example, if your parents are inflexible and don’t want a dog, tell them you would like to offer them a compromise: could you have a hamster instead? Chances are they want you to be happy and then they might say yes to you when they see that you are willing to make a sacrifice.

Host a friend or neighbor’s pet for several days

If your parents are still not convinced, ask them if you can “host” an animal that belongs to someone you know for a few days, to give it a try. If all goes well, you will have shown your parents that you know how to take care of it. It could also show them that this animal is really cute and cuddly, which would probably make them give in.


  • Often, parents will not let their children have pets because they fear that they will be the ones to take care of them in the end. Make sure you take full responsibility for them and don’t let them take care of the cleaning and the food.
  • Get good grades, do the housework, and continue to impress your parents.
  • There are always parties and birthdays and you never know what you will get for gifts. Request calmly and mention that your favorite party is coming soon.
  • If you are truly motivated, you can write a detailed pitch to persuade them of your reasoning. This might impress some parents.
  • Let your parents hear that you are asking similar questions of someone who already owns a pet.
  • Take care of a friend’s pet, even if it’s not the one you want. When your parents see that you are taking good care of it, it could increase your chances of having one.
  • Prepare a binder or folder with information about the necessary budget, general information, games to have fun with him, his daily needs, etc.
  • Buy a houseplant and take care of it for a month to show your parents that you are responsible. If this already seems to bother you and if it takes a lot of effort, remember that it will be the same with a domestic animal (cleaning his droppings is not going to be funny) and that an animal pet will require much more care than a plant.


  • Make sure to visit your parents when they are relaxed and in a good mood.
  • If you get your pet, don’t abuse it or your parents might take it away.
  • Don’t cry or scream if they refuse. You are going to look childish and you are going to decrease your chances of having one.
  • Don’t run around and cry in your room or outside, you will look childish.
  • Offer to occupy yourself or to distract your siblings. Then use this experience to highlight your ability to care for a pet.

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