How to do a good colon cleanse with home remedies

Muhammad Usman Babar
4 min readJun 23, 2020
Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Colon cleansing helps detoxify the body. We present you natural remedies to improve bowel movements and feel better about yourself.

The colon is a muscular duct that is about 1.5 m long and 6.5 cm in diameter. It constitutes the last part of the digestive system and fulfills several functions: it absorbs water and nutrients and stores food waste, among others. Colon cleansing is not an easy task, so we offer you several ways to do it effectively.

Importance of cleaning the colon

Performing a good colon cleanse is beneficial in many ways, but you must take certain precautions or you can take unnecessary risks. The main benefits are:

Increase energy: when the body is overloaded with cholesterol, toxins, or other intestinal waste we can feel tired, lack of energy, or even depression.

Optimizes the absorption of nutrients: if there is an excess of waste, the colon will not be able to properly absorb the nutrients. Foods that can reduce the sensitivity of the intestinal flora are: cheese, refined flours, frying, and fat, strong spices and processed.

Contributes to weight loss: low fiber foods stay much longer in the intestine. Thus, when performing a natural colon cleanse, this accumulation is eliminated helping to lose weight.

Improves bad breath: By eliminating fermentation, constipation, excess stagnant waste, and parasites, bad body odors will also be eliminated.

After doing this, you must rebalance the intestinal bacteria, as most will have been eliminated with cleaning the colon.

Eat probiotics present in foods such as plain yogurt, yeast, a supplement with bacilli, fermented foods such as pickles or sauerkraut.

The main reason is that cabbage contains glutamine, a substance that accelerates the regeneration of cells in the digestive system.

Natural recipes to cleanse the colon

Ginger Tea: Boil a piece of fresh ginger with water. This way you will get the ginger juice. On the other hand, heat two cups of water and add a tablespoon of ginger juice with a quarter of a cup of lemon juice. Divide the mixture and drink it into two or three shots throughout the day.

Lemon juice: squeeze a lemon, add a pinch of sea ​​salt and a little honey. Mix everything in a glass of warm water and drink it every morning before breakfast.

Aloe vera cleaning: cut a large leaf of aloe and extract its juice. Cut two lemons and add their juice in half a liter of filtered water. Drink this preparation three times a day for 2 or 3 days.

Apple juice: with the help of a blender prepare apple juice and drink it throughout the day. Half an hour after taking it to drink a glass of water, it will serve as a laxative. Carry out this process for three days, but at that time you should avoid solid foods.

Anise tea: prepare it like any other infusion and better to consume it before and after breakfast to improve digestion.

Vinegar water: Just mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two more of honey in a cup of water. Mix well and take it once a day.

Foods to cleanse the colon

The alterations that you may suffer from health, along with colon cleansing, can interfere with your digestive tract. Therefore, you must include these foods in your diet for optimal intestinal cleansing.

Apple: apart from apple juice, as we have explained in the previous section, the apple promotes colon cleansing either whole, in the form of vinegar, juice, or compote. This is due to the pectin present in this fruit, a substance that helps eliminate all toxins from the colon, also favoring the intestinal lining. They are also rich in fiber, so it helps relieve the digestive tract from obstructions.

Fruit and vegetable juices: they must be naturally made with a blender. If you drink a glass regularly you will keep your colon clean. The enzymes and salts present in these juices keep the colon free of toxins.

Avocado: Eating avocados daily is one of the best ways to optimize digestion. It contains soluble and insoluble fibers that promote bowel movements and help cleanse the natural colon. They also help reduce the chances of colon cancer in the future.

Garlic: it usually helps us in most digestive problems and, also, it is a superfood to cleanse the colon. And it is not only beneficial for him, but it can also help us with other organs such as the heart.

Spinach: all green leafy vegetables, and the more intense the color the better, offer great benefits for the body.

Try to include some prebiotic in your dinners: yams and other tubers, potatoes, ginger, leeks, fibrous parts of fruits and vegetables, legumes, and beans.

And now that you know the importance of performing a natural colon cleanse from time to time, you can enjoy its many benefits. Also, it will make your whole body feel better, not just the belly. What are you waiting to start?