How To Gain Weight (For Women)

Muhammad Usman Babar
8 min readOct 30, 2019

How To Gain Weight (For Women)

Women who are too thin or who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) below 18.5 should acknowledge putting on weight to stay healthy. Too much weight can drive to many health problems for women, such as a vulnerability of the immune system, loss of muscle mass, hair, poor skin and nails, bone fragility and a lack of menstruation. Weight gain and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the likelihood of these health problems. Women should consider healthy ways to gain weight rather than trying to gain weight by increasing the amount of fat in their bodies. If you are a woman, read the following article to learn how to gain weight while staying healthy.


Increase your calorie intake if you want to gain weight fast

Consume at least 500 more calories a day. This should be plenty to help you gain weight, but you should not feel bloated, drowsy, or sick.

By consuming 500 more calories per day (and it will be very easy if you follow the instructions below), you can get between 500 and 700 grams per week.

It is valuable to note, however, that you should healthily take these calories, by consuming foods that are high in calories, but also in vitamins and nutrients.

It would be better not to try to gain weight by eating junk food, because it could make you ill and waste energy, in addition to leading to other health problems later on.

You should always consult your doctor or nutritionist before changing your diet to gain weight.

Absorb healthy lipids

Foods that contain healthy fats are full of nutrients and calories, making them great allies for weight gain.

You should always favor vegetable fats, such as some dried fruits, seeds, peanut butter, avocados, and olive oil.

Spread peanut butter (or almond butter) on a slice of sandwich bread, eat half an avocado with each meal, eat a handful of nuts or seeds at a snack and put some olive oil on your salads and vegetables.

You can also eat healthy animal fats. These foods could however also contain saturated fats (bad fats). You should eat it in moderation.

Foods that hold good animal fats include lean meats and whole dairy products, but if you have a lot of cholesterol, it may be better for you to stick to skim products.

Eat more protein

High protein foods are your best companions when you are trying to gain weight healthily. They help you build muscle rather than build up fat. It is even more important to consume protein if you want to have physical activity at the same time.

Good sources of protein include lean meats, poultry, and fish, eggs, whole grains, whole milk products, and vegetables. Your goal should be to consume 150 grams of protein a day, combining these different sources.

You can also increase your protein intake by drinking protein juice or adding protein powder to your fruit juice.

Cook using butter and oil

One of the ways to boost your calorie intake during each meal without having to eat more food is to cook all your dishes with oil or butter.

Try to sauté your vegetables with a spoonful of butter or prepare your salads and cooked vegetables by adding a little oil. Simply add a tablespoon of these fats in each dish, this could save you 100 calories each time!

However, it is important not to carry too far when cooking with fats, as this could quickly become bad for your health. Whenever possible, use healthy fats such as olive oil, rapeseed oil or safflower oil and avoid less healthy fats such as lard and margarine.

Consume more calories

You can also easily boost your calorie intake by drinking drinks that contain it. This will help you gain weight without cutting your appetite and without causing bloating.

Try to drink a large glass of orange juice in the morning (along with your usual breakfast), it contains a lot of calories while being delightful and refreshing.

Consider drinking a glass or two of milk during the day. Choose whole milk, high in calories, but also protein and calcium, ideal for slimmer women with bone density problems.

Protein shakes will help you build muscle, especially if you also have physical activity. An occasional milkshake is a good treat.


Change your eating habits if you want to gain weight fast

Increase the portion

Try to eat a little more with each meal, even if you have to force yourself a little to fill your stomach.

Over time, your stomach will become addicted to receiving more food, it will increase in size and you will not feel any difference.

To help you, you could try to serve your meals on larger plates, it will trick your brain and make you think that you are eating less than usual.

Eat repeatedly

Try to eat more often than usual and never bounce or jump over meals. Most experts agree that it is better to eat six small meals a day than three larger meals.

This may help you gain weight because you will feel less bloated after each meal.

Try to balance protein, starch, vegetables, and fats with each meal.

Consume more snacks

Try snacking more often during the day, as it can be a great way to absorb extra calories without overeating.

Bite a handful of dried fruits while you watch TV, eat a banana when you go to work, spread hummus over wholemeal crackers until dinner is ready.

Raise the taste of your food

People who do not have enough weight often complain about the deficiency of flavor of their food.

That’s why you should try making your food tastier by experimenting with herbs or spices and cooking dishes you’ve never tried before.

You can also enhance the taste of your dishes by adding sauces, such as a spoonful of mayonnaise in a turkey sandwich, a few cashews in a vegetable stir-fry or a salad or a small amount of cheese on made tacos homemade or spaghetti bolognese.

Don’t be slow: Eat a little faster

People who are on the diet are often considered to eat less quickly because it helps the brain to become aware that they have eaten enough. The reverse is also valid for people who want to get fat.

By eating a little faster, you can consume more food before you start feeling full, which increases your caloric intake.

Do not eat too fast because you may feel bloated or sick.


Want to gain weight fast? then change your lifestyle

Increase your muscle mass

Try to have regular physical activity while trying to gain weight. However, it is better to prevent cardiovascular exercises (because they burn the calories you consume). Instead, work out to increase your muscle mass and help you gain weight.

Bodybuilding activities include exercises with weights and performing exercises such as flexions, deadlifts, reclining lifts, dumbbells, abs, tractions and pedaling.

If you have never done weight training before, it would be better to look for the help of a professional trainer who can show you how to do it perfectly and safely.

Remember, the higher your physical activity, the more calories you should use to replace those you lose during these exercises. This is where protein bars and drinks are really useful. This physical activity should also increase your appetite.

Stop smoking

People trying to gain weight should stop smoking because smoking stops their appetite.

While this may not be easy, you should consider quitting, it will not only increase your appetite, it will also improve your overall appearance, not to mention the health benefits of your lungs.

If you do not have the braveness to stop smoking, try at least not to smoke one to two hours before meals.

Keep a diary

A diary of your meals will help you track your progress as you gain weight, so you can see what works and what does not work.

Write down all the calories you consume during the day and all the calories you burn (more or less). Also, note your weight after each weekly weighing.

Seeing these figures written in black and white could lead you to see what works for you and what you should improve.

It will also allow you to stay motivated by seeing the progress you have made.

Do not abandon

It is not easy to gain weight. It can be harder to gain weight than to lose weight. However, it is important that you do not give up and that you do not lose sight of your goal.

Set yourself small goals for yourself, for example trying to take 2 kilograms a month. This will give you a more tangible goal to work on.

You’ll get discouraged if you set the bar too high, and you’ll want to give up.

Stay healthy

The most important thing during the whole process of weight gain is to stay healthy, following a balanced diet and continuing physical activity.

Many people think that the simplest solution is to swallow junk food, but your overall health will suffer and you will not be able to maintain the weight you have taken in the long run.

Remember that you are not just trying to gain weight, you are also trying to completely rethink your relationship to food.


Consult your doctor before starting a new diet.

Necessary elements

  • High-calorie food
  • Lean proteins
  • Food high in unsaturated fats
  • Newspaper
  • Weights
  • Sports exercises

Remember that you are not just trying to gain weight, you are also trying to completely rethink your relationship to food.


Consult your doctor before starting a new diet.

Necessary elements

  • High-calorie food
  • Lean proteins
  • Food high in unsaturated fats
  • Newspaper
  • Weights
  • Sports exercises