How to make a theatrical script?

What is a theatrical script

Parts of a theatrical script

Title of the work








Features of a theatrical script

Coherent structure

Concrete scenographic details

Clear dialogues

Character Action

How to make a theatrical script step by step

What story do I want to tell?

How am I going to tell the story?

How many characters are there and what are they like?

What type of decoration will my work have?

How do I finish?

Steps to make a theatrical script

  • Make a draft or a scale of the work that contains the acts and scenes. Always detailing what is happening in each part.
  • Do not be in a hurry to finish your theatrical script. We recommend that you make as many drafts as necessary until you feel convinced of your work.
  • Once you have the acts and scenes more or less well defined, start writing the dialogues. Remember that you have to do it consistently. So don’t spend too much time embellishing these dialogues, for that there will be time towards the end.
  • Try to make the dialogue fit well with the definition of the personality of each character.
  • Write down the dimensions that you think are necessary. A trick for this is to imagine that you see the work from the outside to identify all the details of the actions, the lighting, the stage, etc. That is relevant so that the story takes on the desired meaning.
  • Once you have written the acts, the scenes, the dialogues, and the dimensions, it will be time to polish all the details of the work. So that it is as complete as possible. In the case of dialogues, for example, you will have to rewrite them to give them a natural touch (you can even record yourself saying them). It is possible that throughout this step new dimensions appear that you will have to include referring, above all, to gestures and non-textual reactions of the characters.
  • When you finish these steps, you can reread and continue polishing the work. Until you get the desired results and close the script with a good ending.
  • We recommend that the last step is to choose the title. Although many prefer to do it at first. But most playwrights need to see the finished play to get inspired to find a good title that fits.



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