List Of Foods Allowed On Keto Diet

list of foods allowed on keto diet.
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Here is the list of foods allowed on the keto diet. If you consume only the permitted foods, it will be easy not to exceed the recommended 20 g of carbohydrate per day. Do not limit your consumption of green vegetables. Your body needs the fiber and nutrients especially the potassium they contain.


0 g of carbohydrate

Always buy grass-fed meat without hormones and antibiotics. Go get your meat directly at the farm. Farmed grass-fed meat has a better omega-3 / omega-6 ratio, meat that is too rich in omega-6 will cause inflammation. You can eat without remorse fat and skin.

All meats are allowed on the keto diet if they do not contain sugar or chemical

Fish and seafood :

Privilege wild fish and seafood. Avoid farmed fish and seafood, they contain too much omega-6 (source of inflammation).

All fish and seafood are allowed in a keto diet.

g of carbohydrate/cup


1 g carbohydrate

Prefer œ eggs from organic chickens. Excellent for lunch, dinner or dinner.


0 g of carbohydrate/100 g

Dairy products:

Always choose fatty dairy products.

g of carbohydrate/cup

Vegetable milk:

g of carbohydrate/cup

Vegetables allowed on the keto diet:

No potato, sweet potato, and some squash, …

g of carbohydrate/cup

Fruits allowed on keto:

g of carbohydrate/cup


g of carbohydrate/cup

Nuts :

g of carbohydrate/cup


g of carbohydrate/cup


g of carbohydrate/cup


0 g of carbohydrate

To consume occasionally only in moderation:


0 g of carbohydrate

Alcohol blocks the keto-adaptation and burning of fat.


g of carbohydrate/cup

This was the “List of Foods Allowed On Keto Diet”.

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