Parenting styles: what kind of parent are you?

Parenting styles

Parenting styles: what kind of parent are you?

  • Authoritarian: these parents tell their children exactly what they need to do.
  • Permissive: These types of parents let their children do exactly what they want.
  • Authoritative: these parents provide standards and guidance without being overprotective.
  • Neglecting: these types of parents do not consider their children, but focus on other areas.

Authoritative parents

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Specific parenting styles



Excessively demanding


Reasonable limiters

Excessively generous

Boundless permissive



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Dangerous combinations of parenting styles

  • Boundless and omnipotent: they not only advocate boundless freedom but also give children everything they want — apart from the chance to grow. They can give them an apartment so they can live alone, but cover all expenses. They often capture their children by encouraging independence while meeting all their needs.
  • The bad and the good: it can be an authoritarian parent and a culprit. One sets extreme and immobile boundaries and commands and punishes the children. The other protects and justifies the children’s behaviors.
  • Permissive guilt: they allow boundless actions and do not feel guilty if they do not set boundaries. In the end, they become their children’s children and establish a reverse hierarchy where the children dominate and the parents are oppressed.
  • Excessively demanding projectors: they not only neglect their children and their desires and aspirations but are also excessively demanding without even knowing what the children want or can do. They only focus on what the children are missing according to their parameters. The characteristics of an authoritarian parent further aggravate the picture.



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