Step by step guide to help your child overcome his fears

Understanding the child’s fear

Make an effort to understand your child’s fear

Chat with your child

Take fear seriously

Don’t ignore your child’s fear

Avoid making fun of your child’s fear

Give the right signal

Help the child overcome fear

Avoid forcing your child to do things they are afraid of

Show bravery to help your child overcome his fears

Keep your child away from fearful characters

Offer to walk with him to the place that scares him

Use humor to help your child overcome his fears

  • Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and lavender or any other aromatic oil. Stick a large tag on it that says “monster spray” and tell your child that this mixture will keep all the monsters they are afraid of, not only because they are afraid of water, but also because of. the smell that gives them nasal infections. Spray a few drops of the spray into the air and reassure your child that no monster is crazy enough to approach right now.
  • Put a dish on the doorstep and pour in some goodies. Then tell your child that these are highly prized by monsters around the world, but as soon as they consume them they become nice and lovable, just like puppies.
  • Take a ball of yarn and put a “monster barrier” around your child’s bed. Then reassure him that the monsters cannot approach this kind of barrier and that they will magically disappear and be crushed if they ever try.

Make sure your child feels loved

Advice from

  • A good amount of milk poured into a special teacup can help at night. Add a teabag that doesn’t contain caffeine, like vanilla rooibos tea, to get a great taste.
  • You can put some lavender in a spray bottle. Spray this solution into the air and tell your child that it will allow them to get rid of those negative things that bother them. Lavender is a calming herb, and it will help calm the child. Besides, he will see that you have vaporized something, which will therefore allow him to be reassured.
  • There are a plethora of books that deal with lovable monsters and ghosts. These are available and you can buy them.
  • If your child continues to be afraid, you can lie on the bed next to them until they fall asleep.
  • Read some lovable ghost books with your child to help them get a feel for non-threatening creatures that might visit their bedroom at night.
  • Use caution when letting a young child watch movies that have a PG (Parental Guidance Desirable) mark. If it is mentioned that the film in question requires parental support, you should take the trouble to read the note to find out why. When there are scary themes or parts, you should not permit a child to watch such a movie until they are older. Some sites can be helpful, and where you can find reviews and advice from other parents.
  • Children generally don’t like their fears to be taken lightly. It is therefore important that you can give them your attention.
  • Avoid putting pressure on children to get them to overcome their fears. It is up to you to help them get through such an ordeal slowly and surely so that their fear does not turn into a phobia.

Warnings from

  • Remove all scary items from your house.
  • At times, unreasoned fears may be related to the child having been assaulted or suffered some other previous trauma. If this is the case, consider consulting a healthcare professional.



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