This Chucky Halloween costume is guaranteed to be a hit

Muhammad Usman Babar
3 min readMay 24, 2021


How to make Chucky Halloween costume at home easily

Even though Halloween originated in the United States, it is increasingly being embraced by cultures around the world. Children and adults alike are becoming more interested in dressing up for this occasion, so it is not surprising that many do.

You’ll learn how to make a Chucky costume for Halloween in this article.

The following steps should be followed to make a Chucky Halloween costume at home

1). Chucky is a psychopath and murderer doll who terrorizes those who cross his path, and he is one of the most iconic horror film characters. For Halloween, what could be better?

You will need to find a long sleeve striped shirt (or a short sleeve if you do not have a long one), like the type of shirt Chucky wore in the films he appeared in, which was basically in rainbow colors.

2). The next step to getting Chucky’s demonic style is to buy some denim dungarees, another requirement for this Halloween costume. Now that you’ve got these two elements, let’s talk about the details of Chucky’s attire.

3). The red hair of Chucky rarely goes unnoticed. You can wear a short red wig to make yourself look more like Chucky in your DIY Chucky costume. Organize your hair, perhaps even use hair spray to keep it in place for a longer period of time. It’s also possible to spray red dye on short hair that you’ll wash out afterward.

4). In this look, makeup also plays a large role. The more Chucky kills, the more scars fill his face and cannot be overlooked in your costume as he scratches more and more victims. Red and brown lip pencils would be good for giving it some depth.

5). If you would like to add more detail to your costume so it resembles Chucky from the movie, write the words: GOOD GUYS on the dungarees.

Using a permanent marker will do this, but the result will be very dark and difficult to see. You can also get red letter stickers from many crafts and scrapbooking stores to create the letters yourself.

6). Choose some red trainers as your footwear of choice. Ideally, try to find red Adidas trainers with white stripes, but red Converse-type trainers can also do the trick!

7). Now that your DIY Chucky costume is complete, you simply need to take a plastic knife or ax, which you can buy in costume shops and go out to celebrate Halloween with this superb Chucky costume that people will love.

Remember that you can dress up your toddler in this costume since Chucky, in theory, was a cute children’s doll.

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