What are the questions that have no Answers?

Muhammad Usman Babar
4 min readSep 17, 2020

Since its inception, the human being has been endowed with the reasoning that has led to many questions about the world around him, many times without finding an answer. Today, some doubts of our ancestors on certain questions are still valid and new unanswered enigmas have not stopped arising. Do you want to know the most famous questions that have no answers? If you’re curious, keep reading this www.HowOrWhat.com article… We invite you to reflect on yourself!

Scientific Questions that have no answers

Science refers to knowledge obtained through human observation and reasoning. Since ancient times, the scientific method has allowed man to solve important questions about events that happen in his immediate environment. However, even today many unanswered scientific questions persist like the ones shown below:

The universe is infinite?

There have been great debates about the nature of the universe for quite some time. The answer as to whether or not space is infinite is not yet clear. Although it is true that the scientific conclusion was recently reached that the universe is expanding, this is still a theory that can take many turns before consolidating, as scientific truth.

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Where are the beginnings of the human being located?

The origin of man has been the subject of scientific debates that persist today. There are some questions and hypotheses about the theory of evolution that reveal doubts about what was the cradle of humanity, but there is still no consensus on our evolutionary process.

Is there life on other planets?

This is one of the scientific questions of par excellence that still has no answer today. Despite expeditions to other planets and international benchmark research claiming that there are favorable conditions for human life in outer space, there is still no clear evidence to confirm this.

What is there after death?

During humanity, this question has perhaps been the one that has generated the most theories for man, both in the scientific, philosophical, and religious fields. Nobody has an answer to what there is after death, but there are infinite approaches to this question.

What is the universe’s origin?

Although there have been great advances in the beginnings of the universe, such as the Big Bang theory, it is not yet known for sure if this was its true origin. For example, some theories argue that the universe has always existed.

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What can we find at the bottom of the ocean?

What exists in the depths of the ocean is still a mystery. To this day, several expeditions have been made to the bottom of the ocean to gradually unravel the enigmas that its waters hide, although there are still many unsolved questions.

What is at the core of the earth?

Geophysics has made great strides in recent decades to give answers to the enigmas of the interior of the earth, however, there are still mysteries to be solved about the core of the earth’s globe and its nature.

philosophical questions that have no answers

The philosophical field is perhaps the one that houses the most questions that have no answers. The human being has always tended to ask questions that do not necessarily have a solution or answer in themselves. Some of the most famous philosophical doubts are the following:

Is the human being good or bad by nature?

This is one of the philosophical questions that generate the most debate. Some philosophers claim that human beings are good by nature (and that it is a society that corrupts them) and there are those who defend opposite positions.

Is there objectivity?

This is another one of those difficult and philosophical questions that have generated a great debate from ancient times to the present day. Some think that everything that surrounds us can be observed through cognitive processes, and others claim that reality is as subjective as individual perceptions exist in the world.

Does destiny exist?

In many cultures, communities, or religions there is a fierce belief that a person’s life is already written down and that no one can escape their destiny. However, the debate about whether or not destiny exists raises questions that have no answer, only personal opinions and beliefs around this issue.

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What is right and what is wrong?

The moral paradigm of society is forged from the political, social, religious, and cultural experiences that surround a specific community. However, this does not mean that there is an absolute truth about the “good” or “bad” actions, only a hegemonic social acceptance of what is right or wrong. This question has generated (and continues to generate) great debates throughout the history of humanity.

Although many of the above questions are based on more or less logical theories, they still do not have an answer, so from HOWORWHAT, we encourage each reader to draw their conclusions.

More Questions that have no answers to think about

If you’ve still been wanting more existential questions, then we invite you to reflect on the following unanswered questions:

  • What is Liberty? Are we free to act and make decisions?
  • What is the key to happiness?
  • What is the meaning of human life?
  • What defines art?
  • What determines what is fair or not?
  • Are animals conscious?
  • Where are memories stored?
  • Why do we dream?
  • Does the soul exist?

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